Chaparral Estates

"A Great Place to Live"

Chaparral Ridge Terrace SE

Calgary, Alberta

Welcome to Chaparral Estates ....  Your Condominium Board, Property Manager and Neighbors welcome you.

This page is dedicated to you in order to give you the information you need to enjoy your residency at Chaparral Estates.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your Board at

What is the speed limit on the roadway?

The speed limit on our private road is 15km/hour and is strictly enforced.

Where can I get documentation often asked for when buying or selling condominiums?


All documentation is provided by our property management company.  Please click HERE (Condo for a listing of what is available and pricing.

What are some things I should know about if I sell?


When your purchased your unit you would have received a Real Property Report ("RPR").  If, during your ownership, you added a deck, air conditioner or any other improvement, you will need to contact the survey company listed on your RPR to have it updated.  With your updated RPR in hand you will need to submit it to the City of Calgary for validation/approval which is evidenced by a stamp and can take between 2 to 4 weeks.  All this can cost you in upwards of $800.00 ($600 + GST for the RPR and $170.00 + GST for the City of Calgary stamp). 

Another thing to consider is if your RPR is more than 10 years old the buyers lawyer may request an updated RPR anyway.  It's best to confirm before listing your unit.

Where is my mailbox?


The super mailbox is located  on the west side of  Chaparral Ridge Circle S.E.  You need to walk outside the community along the fence line to access them.  All keys are supplied by Canada Post.  Neither the Board of Directors or the Property Manager have spare keys to any mailbox.

I'm renting, what obligations do I have?


First, if you are renting please register with the Property Manager if you haven't already.  All renters must be approved by our Property Manager BEFORE tenancy begins.


Secondly, whether or not you rent or own everyone is required to abide by the By-laws.  Please read them and if you have questions, please ask.


Any owner found that is non-compliant with the Renter Policy may face fines or other action against them.

Can I build a deck in the back of my unit?


You sure can.  There are a couple of things to know:

1. All decks must be approved BEFORE construction begins.  Please send all requests with dimensions and/or drawings to

2. All maintenance of any deck built on the rear of the unit is the owners' responsibility.  If the deck becomes into disrepair the Corporation will repair it and bill all charges to the owner.

3. All decks can be no wider than 19 feet (that is the width of your unit) and no deeper than 14 feet OR as deep as another deck that is on your building block.

If you have any questions at all - please be sure to email BEFORE you  build.

Can I extend the privacy fence at the back of my unit?


No.  The Board has had many spirited conversations about the length of privacy fences in the rear of our units.  It was decided that all privacy fences in the rear must not exceed the standard length of 10 feet 6 inches (the current length of the fence already installed).  

Can I  hang something on the siding?


If hanging anything means screwing something or using a device that creates any damage to the siding, then no.  Replacing our siding took huge resources from our Reserve Fund and our community is committed to protecting this investment.

You are permitted to hang items from the siding but you must use appropriate siding hangers that do not damage the siding.

Does Chaparral Estates have insurance?  What does it cover?

There are differences between the insurance Chaparral Estates has purchased to insure the buildings and the insurance you are responsible for to insure your contents.  Things that you are responsible for are …. Imagine you take your unit, flip it upside down and shake.  Anything that falls out would be your responsibility to insure.


Here is some information that you should be discussing with your insurance agent…..



Your personal property such as furniture, electronics, clothing and even your appliances are not covered under the Chaparral Estates’ Master Insurance policy.  You need to purchase a separate condo insurance policy to cover these assets.  Taking the time to prepare an inventory of your possessions and purchasing the appropriate coverage can prove invaluable in the event of a large loss.



If someone slips on a wet floor in the bathroom in your unit and suffers injury, any claims brought against you would not be covered by the Chaparral Estates’ Master Insurance policy.  In fact any claims brought against you personally or a resident family member for bodily injury or property damage would be your own responsibility.  Therefore, personal liability insurance is essential to ensure that you are in a position to pay for any resulting settlements, or even for the court costs to defend yourself against an unjustified claim.  The current recommended coverage is 2 million.



Chaparral Estates has insurance for all buildings within the complex, including common areas, through a Master Insurance policy. Because the common areas of Chaparral Estates (sidewalks, roadways, green space, etc.) are available for the shared use by all unit owners, there is a shared responsibility amongst all owners when a claim is made against Chaparral Estates’ Master Insurance policy. How does this shared responsibility work in the context of insurance?


Scenario One: A visitor slips on Chaparral Estates’ roadway/sidewalk because the snow and ice have not been cleared. The visitor bangs his head, is seriously injured and unable to work. If Chaparral Estates is sued, their liability insurance will cover their legal costs and any possible judgment against them. However, if the financial value of the claim is very large and Chaparral Estates is underinsured for the amount of the judgment, each unit owner is now assessed to cover the shortfall.  Currently (as of 2016) Chaparral Estates is covered for $5,000,000.00 in liability insurance.


Scenario Two: Some condo corporations purchase Master Insurance policies that have a very high deductible (i.e. $100,000), for property claims. Again, each unit owner can be assessed to pay a portion of the deductible when a loss occurs and a claim is filed. It is also quite common for one unit to be assessed the entire deductible if the owner is considered responsible for the damage or loss.  Currently (as of 2016) Chaparral Estates has a deductible of $5,000.00.


Scenario Three: Some condo corporations fail to buy enough insurance to rebuild at today’s construction costs. Should the building suffer a serious loss, and the condo corporation’s level of coverage is inadequate—each unit owner would be assessed to pay a portion of the cost to rebuild. Currently (as of 2016) Chaparral Estates is insured up to $10,575,500.00 for rebuilding costs.  Our buildings are assessed yearly for replacement costs and our insurance coverage is updated as needed.



When purchasing a condominium unit, you are buying the unit—with its improvements. However, the Chaparral Estates’ Master Insurance policy provides coverage for the unit as it was originally built by the developer. Therefore, any upgrades to the unit by you or by previous owners, such as lighting fixtures, air conditioners, flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, floor and ceiling moldings, finished basements, etc., requires your own coverage, referred to as “Betterments and Improvements.”


While condominium laws require that the Chaparral Estates has their own insurance that protects the structure and common areas of the building, upgrades are excluded from Chaparral Estates’ Master Insurance policy. Therefore, as the unit owner, you need to ensure that any alterations or additions to your unit have sufficient insurance protection—regardless of who made the improvements.  This includes finished basements, upgraded kitchens with granite countertops, hardwood floors, etc..  The builder’s standard unit included an unfinished basement, laminate countertops, carpeted units, etc.  If your basement is developed or you’ve had upgrades completed please ensure that it is covered under this clause in your insurance policy.



In the event of a valid claim that renders your unit uninhabitable for an extended period of time, you will be required to find alternate living accommodations.  Renting a new temporary residence while still keeping up with the mortgage payments on your condo could prove financially impossible.  A condo insurance policy will pay your “additional living expenses”, allowing you to stay financially afloat without having to crash on your cousin’s couch for six months.


That is why it is essential that you as an owner purchase your own insurance coverage called a Condominium Unit Owner’s Insurance Policy to fill in the serious gaps in coverage that exist when relying on Chaparral Estates’ Master Insurance policy alone. With an appropriate Condominium Unit Owner’s Insurance Policy you can protect yourself from all of the scenarios described above and more.



We all do!  Premiums are paid from our monthly condo fees.


Protect your assets and become familiar with what is and what is not covered under your Chaparral Estates’ Master Insurance Policy, and then fill in the inevitable gaps with an appropriate Condominium Unit Owner’s Insurance Policy.


If you have any questions, please call Andrew at Prairie Management (403) 995-2810 or email Andrew at

Can I paint my Front Door?


The Board has approved a selection of colours that MUST match Brand, Colour and Finish.  There are 5 colours (including white) that you can choose from.  

If you have any questions in regard to this, please ask first.  Any painted doors that do not match the EXACT criteria will be repainted at the owners' expense.

Please see the document below that outlines the pallette.

What are condo fees and what does it cover?

Condo fees are a monthly payment made by each unit owner to the condominium corporation to cover the day-to-day operating costs of the community. It is similar to the costs a home owner incurs – lawn maintenance, building repairs, snow removal, insurance for common areas etc.

Where can I park?

Each unit has provisions for two parking stalls.  One is in the attached garage the other on the driveway.  If you require additional parking it is asked that you park on the street outside the complex.

The roadways at Chaparral Estates are categorized as a Fire Lane by the City of Calgary.  No vehicle is allowed to be parked on the roadway.

There are several parking stalls available for visitors however these are for visitors only.  The visitor parking is continuously monitored by the community and Calgary Parking Authority.

If you have a visitor that is staying overnight, please register them by emailing  Any vehicle not registered MAY BE TOWED so it's really important to register your overnight guests.

If you, as an owner/resident need to park temporarily (this is defined by NO MORE than 2 hours, NOT overnight and NOT a regular occurance) in visitor parking then please email so your request can be documented and your vehicle NOT TOWED.

Who waters the lawn and trees?

Chaparral Estates does not have an underground water sprinkler system.  It is expected that each owner be responsible for the grass area and trees in front, side and in back of their unit.

Any garden area surrounding or attached to your unit, whether you planted it or not, is also your responsibility to maintain.


Where does my garbage go?

There are 3 garbage enclosures located in the complex that are emptied once per week, usually Tuesday mornings. 


Chaparral Estates does have a Garbage Bin Policy:


  • NO LOOSE GARBAGE - Please use garbage bags and tie shut
  • NO CARDBOARD BOXES - Please take your recyclable to the recycle bins located at Shawnessy and 162nd Avenue
  • NO FURNITURE  - Our Condo Fees are used to remove items to big for the garbage trucks to remove.  The BFI Landfill is FREE to Chaparral Residents
  • NO RENOVATION DEBRIS - Please use the BFI Landfill which is FREE
  • PROPANE TANKS, PAINT ETC. - This NEVER belongs in the garbage.  Please dispose of this properly by taking it to the Firehall in Midnapore
  • GET A LICENSE PLATE # - If you see a non-resident using our garbage bins, please report them by emailing their license plate number to

These garbage enclosures are continuously monitored for abuses.

Does Chaparral Estates have a recycling and organics program?


Yes!  Chaparral Estates began a recycling program in June 2012 and an organics collection in October 2017.  Our "Recycling Centre" is located in Garbage B (beside unit #40).

Please note that you DO NOT need to separate your recyclables; just deposit them into one of the bins.  

Click HERE to find out the things that ARE recyclable in the blue recycling.

For things that ARE allowed in the black organic bins, please click HERE.


I love to barbecue.  Is there anything I should know?

Yes - please don't burn down the building! 

All kidding aside, please be sure that your barbecue is far enough away from the building so it does not melt the vinyl siding.  The Board handles all repairs to the siding to ensure consistency in the colour.  These repairs are costly and are the responsibility of the owner to pay. 

And please don't burn down the building!  :)

Will my pet enjoy living at Chaparral Estates?

Chaparral Estates residents welcome pets to our complex.  Please be advised that the there is a restriction to dogs over 35 lbs.  Currently there is no relief to this policy.

Owners are also responsible for any damage or disruption caused by their pet.  Pets are not allowed roam at large or use common areas as their washroom.  Should your pet damage any grassed area please click here for tips on repair.

Who do I contact if I have an emergency in my unit?

Any emergency issue that may arise you can call Prairie Management  at (403) 995-2810.

Please be advised that any service contractors that are sent to your unit to conduct repairs are charged to the owner.

How can I decorate the front of my unit?

We love originality!  You are welcome to display any seasonal decoration, as long as it does not impede the doorway, is tasteful and is not screwed into the siding.  We had all the siding, troughs and downspouts replaced in 2020 and are very keen on having it last for many, many years.  Any items screwed into the siding will be removed and repaired at the owners' expense.

What is that box on a stick in the North West part of complex?

Welcome to our Little Free Library full of books and movies.  The rules are easy .....

Take a Book/Movie .... Leave a Book/Movie.


Is there a community chat group?

Yes there is!  We are using What's App.  If you would like to join, please email to be invited.

Please be sure to introduce yourself when you join.

What are some things I should do for Spring maintenance?

There are some things that you should do/be aware of each Spring to get ready for summer.  They are:

  • If you have an air conditioner, be sure to clean out the screen to get rid of debris that could have been blown into it over winter.  This requires a garden hose, water and aim
  • Any flower beds connected to your unit should be cleaned up of winter debris, dead weeds/plants and edges defined
  • Inspect your dryer duct.  So many homes fires can be prevented by just keeping this duct clean
  • If you have a unit that has a sump pump, be sure to have it inspected each year to ensure it's working
  • Inspect your outside areas and report any damage to the Board
  • Check the trim around your garage door, windows and exterior doors.  It's every owners responsibility to ensure any touch up painting is done
  • When temperatures are consistently above freezing, feel free to turn on your outside water taps
  • Please be sure to clean up your back patio area.  The only items approved for the patio areas are patio furniture – this is not to be used as a storage area.  Also, if you have a puppy that has left some presents on your back patio, please be sure to clean this up ASAP
  • Warmer temperatures usually means more visitors, please be sure to register any overnight guests through the Parking Page so no one gets towed accidently

As always, any questions - send an email to

What kinds of upgrades or improvements have occurred in the community?


Your Board of Directors are always researching ways to get the best and biggest bang for our buck.  Some improvements our community have undergone are:


2010 A new vinyl fence was installed to replace the rotted wooden fence that was built by the builder in 1998.  Vinyl was chosen as it has a long life and low to no maintenance.  The colour white was picked because the colour would always be available and there would be no extra charges to match the colour.


2012 All roofs were replaced in the community.  The builder installed a pine shake roof initially in 1998.  Over the years the roofs required more and more maintenance along with dealing with failures in the roofs which resulted in some leaks into units.  The Board chose a rubber/asphalt mix with the highest wind, hail and fire rating available at the time. (please see archived community updates July 2012 for more information on the exact roof). A darker colour was chosen to aid in retaining heat in the winter and melt the ice build up on the roofs.  Additionally Ridge Venting technology was utilized to better vent the roofs to ensure a healthier building and aid in cooling in the summer.

2014 All units received an attic insulation top up to R50 which is the ecoEnergy Standard.  This was done to assist owners/residents in keeping their homes warm in winter and cool in summer.  It was also completed to ensure the attic area remains cool and well ventilated to get the maximum lifespan out of our roofs.

2015 The garage doors were looking dull and grey so each door was painted a crisp white.  The new paint rejuvenated the buildings and gave them an updated and cared for look.

2016 The steps and approaches were beginning to show their age due to the harsh conditions of Calgary weather.  After much research and investigation it was decided that the product StoneEffects would be used as a to pitted and damaged steps and approaches.  

StoneEffects is a water-based coating system that creates an attractive decorative stone finish. Highly durable and impact resistant, withstanding the rigors of harsh weather and daily wear and tear, Stoneffects has the added benefit of creating a non-slip surface that is flexible and highly resistant to abrasion and impact.

2020 The community embarked on its largest project to date.  All 11 buildings (and garbage enclosures) received new siding, upgraded LED exterior lighting, Tyvek home wrap, the large privacy walls replaced with vinyl fencing, all new facia, gutter and downspouts and all new soft metals.

Where can I get an aerial view of Chaparral Estates?