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Calgary, Alberta

This page is dedicated to businesses that provide Chaparral Estates Residents with discounts.  Please feel free to contact these vendors directly and don't forget to mention this Ad to collect your discount.
Furnace, Air Conditioning, Hot Water Tank or On Demand and Whatever else you need

James from Reliance Home Comfort comes highy recommended to help you in the replcement or new install of all your home comfort needs.  You have the option to rent or buy.  See below for contact information:

James Stawn
Cell: (587) 891-4884
Alvaro is a respectable, honest owner/operator of Vero Mechanical.  He can repair furnances, air conditioners, hot water tanks - anything HVAC - on a 24/7 time schedule.  

Call Alvaro at (403) 828-4420 for all your emergency and non-emergency issues.
If you are looking for a competitively priced carpet steam cleaner, deck cleaner, furnace and/or HVAC cleaner  - talk to give OMAR  at Rocky Star - he literally does it all!  He has worked in the community already and comes HIGHLY recommended.  You can contact him at:

(403) 870-9364
If you are looking for a reputable dealer and installer for retractable screens, then send Keli an email at  or call her at 403-651-2858.  Keli has installed retractable scren doors here already and the owner is very happy with the price and service.


Need you car, SUV or truck cleaned inside and/or outside but don't have the time?  Call Yaser at Chinook Mobile Detailing at (403) 830-7864 and he will come to YOU - all that is needed is access to a power outlet (he brings his own water!).  Pricing is determined by size of vehicle and ranges from $100 to $140.  Any services offered in Chaparral Estates will qualify you to 10% off.

Spartan Pest Control is offering all Chaparral Estates residents 

15% off their services  

Please call Jarrod at 
1-855-600-0039 or 
Call Desmond Neufeld at (403) 404-9975 for all your plumbing and heating needs.  He is offering a 10% discount on all parts.  He has worked for a couple of residents and comes highly recommended.
MATCO Financial is a professional investment management firm that currently invests our Reserve Fund money in Regulatory accepted investment products that offer Chaparral Estates a better return on our money than traditional GICs or money market instruments.

Typically MATCO requires a minimum investment in order to take advantage of their products and services.  Since Chaparral Estates is already a customer they are opening their doors to all community members to take advantage of their broad range of investment solutions so you can find one that works for you.

If you do not have an investment adviser or are looking for a new one, feel free to call Samia Preston at (403) 966-5112 or email at to get more information.  Be sure to tell her that you are a resident of Chaparral Estates to unlock your savings. 
Tired of doing it all on your own???
If you are interested in getting Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly cleaning help, then call Ildiko Kovac at (587) 888-2179.  She'll get you all organized and clean!