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2023 Projects

2023 Ongoing Projects

All projects for the 2023 repair season have been addressed.

2023 Completed Projects

Roadway Repairs:
The Baord will be conducting crack repairs on the asphault.  This is expected to be completed before the end of summer.

UPDATE: This has been completed

Garage Doors (Deferred from 2020 and 2021):
Owners with a rusted and/or dented garage door were asked to replace (not repair) their door by August 15, 2020.  With COVID-19 that date was extended to August 15, 2021.  Repairs will not be accepted since, historically, they have not lasted and repairs were becoming unsightly.

UPDATE: Because of the shortage of supply, garage doors have been deferred again to August 15, 2022.

UPDATE: Again, because of limited supply, garage doors have been deferred until August 15, 2023.

UPDATE: This is deemed complete however garage doors must be maintained.
Foam Jacking:
The Board will be foam jacking some approaches, those identified as the worst, to see if this can resolve the sinking approach issue and bring the approaches back to level even with the stairs.

UPDATE: The owners affected have been contacted separately.  The project is slated to begin shortly

UPDATE: The foam jacking has been completed to those identified. 
Stucco Fence:
The stucco fence is in need of repair.  The Board has authorized the installation of an aluminum cap which should extend the lifespan of the fence approximately 10 more years.

UPDATE: This work will begin shortly.

UPDATE: The work has been completed.

2022 Deferred Projects

Steps and approaches:
The Board has undertaken to fi the pitting and cracking in the steps and approaches.  We have used several products in the past and felt as though we had a winner.  Unfortunately the most used product is starting to chip.  The Board is investigating whether the product we have used can be repaired under warranty or if a new product needs to be found.  

Updates will follow.

The Board is looking at other products that will not only stand the test of time with minimal future care but also the test of the Calgary weather.  The Board is unsure if this will be addressed during this project season but will provide updates.

Due to the magnitude of all the products that need to be researched, this project has been deferred to next year.

The Board is researching ideas using enamel paint.  Stay tuned for more updates.
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