Chaparral Estates

"A Great Place to Live"

Chaparral Ridge Terrace SE

Calgary, Alberta

2021 Projects

2021 Ongoing Projects

There are no ongoing projects at this time.

2021 Completed Projects

Tree Fertilization:
All trees in the complex were properly fertilized to help them grow and bloom better.  This has never been done since they were first planted over 20 years ago

UPDATE: This was completed
Additional dirt was added to the berm on the west side and the front gardens for better growth of plants.

UPDATE: This was completed
The complex grounds are to be leveled to elminate low spots and create better landcscaping grades to provide better water runoff. 

UPDATE: This was completed
Road Repairs:
Our road will be patched to repair cracks in the asphalt.  

UPDATE: This was completed
Line Painting:
The visitor parking lines are scheduled to be repainted.  

UPDATE: This was completed

2021 Deferred Projects

Garage Doors:
Owners with a rusted and/or dented garage door were asked to replace (not repair) their door by August 15, 2020.  With COVID-19 that date was extended to August 15, 2021.  Repairs will not be accepted since, historically, they have not lasted and repairs were becoming unsightly.

UPDATE: Because of the shortage of supply, garage doors have been deferred again to August 15, 2022.

2021 Cancelled Projects

There are no cancelled projects at this time