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Calgary, Alberta

The Walkabout occurred on April 15, 2015.  Below is the list of projects your Board is working on and any updates.
2015 Projects

2015 Ongoing Projects

All items identified during the 2015 walkabout have been addressed by either being completed, deferred or canceled.  Please see below for details on each project.

2015 Completed Projects

Spring Cleaning:
Our Landscapers, Rocky Mountain Landscapes, will be starting spring clean-up which includes the cleaning of our roads.  When the date is decided it will be posted here.

UPDATE: Spring Cleaning was completed the week of April 6, 2015
Power Washing of Units: 
Several units have not been cleaned in quite some time.  The Board is gathering quotes to have our whole community power washed.  

UPDATE: The Board has contracted to Bristol Cleaners to power wash all buildings, including exterior windows.  Updates will be posted here to notify you of the day this service will take place.  

PLEASE take extra care to ensure your windows are CLOSED on the date of service.  If any of your windows or doors leak you will need to let us know ASAP.  **It's important to note that if your windows or doors leak that it is your responsibility to ensure it is fixed so the building structure is not affected.**

Bristol Cleaners is also offering to all residents special pricing to clean interior windows.  For $40.00/unit they will clean all your interior windows.  If you are interested please email to have your name added to the list.  

The date of service has not been determined as of yet.

UPDATE: Bristol Window Cleaners will be on site from Wednesday April 22nd to Saturday April 25th for exterior building cleaning and interior window cleaning.

UPDATE: This was completed April 25, 2015.
Bike Racks:
The Board is investigating the installation of bike racks in several garbage enclosures.  Updates will be posted here.

UPDATE:  A bike rack will be installed in one of the garbage enclosures.  Stay tuned for more information and location.

UPDATE: A nine bike rack was installed in Garbage Enclosure C (in front of Unit 67) on May 6, 2015.  A location for a five bike rack is being determined.  Once installed it will be posted here.

UPDATE: The five person bike rack was installed in Garbage B (beside Unit 40) on May 11, 2015.  

This project is completed.
Street Lights:
The Board is investigating cleaning the street light shades or replacing them so that our roadway is better lighted.

UPDATE: The Board is currently collecting quotes for either new street lights or new glass inserts in the existing street lights.

UPDATE: The Board has taken cost into account and has decided to clean the street lights to see if that improves range of light on the street as it is much cheaper than replacing the street light heads.

UPDATE: The light have been cleaned, the bulbs replaced, and they look great!  This project was completed on May 12, 2015.
Trellis Installation:
Those units that have weeping tile cemented into their approach have the option of having the downspout redirected.  Those residents that have indicated an interest will be contacted.

UPDATE: In order to create a standard for trellis systems, all trellis' (even ones already installed) will be painted in a colour to compliment the buildings.

UPDATE: The Trellis project is on track to be completed by May 30, 2015.

UPDATE: The Trellis project was completed ahead of schedule on May 14, 2015. 
Roadway Repairs:
The roadway slope has degraded over the years creating huge puddles in some areas.  The Board is investigating getting the roadway repaired to slope properly to the drains and to have the cracks filled.

UPDATE: The Board has contracted to All Star Paving to complete the required repairs.

UPDATE: All Star Paving will be on site on Monday May 25, 2015, weather depending, to conduct road repairs.

UPDATE: Roadway repairs were completed on May 25, 2015.
Line Painting (better than Line Dancing):
The Board is gathering quotes to have our Visitor Parking lines repainted.

UPDATE:  The Board has reviewed the information provided for line repainting and approved the project for completion.  A date for painting is yet to be set.

UPDATE: Painting is to begin, and be completed, on July 22, 2015.

UPDATE: Line painting was completed on July 22, 2015.
Garbage Enclosures:
Garbage is consistently being thrown over the doors and not landing in the bins.  This is costing our community money for clean up.  

Lattice is being constructed around the openings to direct people to open the doors and throw away their garbage in the bins to prevent messes being made.

This project is slated to be completed by August 31, 2015.

UPDATE: This project was completed July 24, 2015
Patio Leveling:
During the annual walkabout the Board noticed several units that had sinking patio blocks adjacent to the building.  The Board has agreed that this is a Corporation issue and will reach out to the specific owners to resolve.

UPDATE: The Board is currently collecting quotes to have the patios identified leveled.

UPDATE: The Board has contracted our landscapers (Rocky Mountain Landscapes) to level the patios that have been identified during the walkabout.  This project is scheduled to be completed by June 30, 2015.

UPDATE: Patio leveling is slated to begin June 22, 2015 weather and material availability dependent.

UPDATE: Due to competing priorities of the landscaper, this project has a delayed start to approximately July 15, 2015.

UPDATE:  This project is well underway and is slated to be completed by July 31, 2015.

UPDATE: This project has been deemed completed as of August 4, 2015.
Speed Bumps:
The Board is taking speeding very seriously and was discussed at length at the 2015 AGM.  We are investigating traffic slowing measures that will reduce the speed of vehicles on the roadway.

UPDATE: Currently your Board is investigating the possibility of:
  • Speed bumps (removable)
  • Speed humps (removable)
  • Speed bumps (permanent)
  • Signage
Any new updates will be posted here.

UPDATE: The Board has considered all of its options and has decided to post signage to deter speeding in our community.

PLEASE NOTE: Residents are reporting speeders in our community.  If you are reported as speeding, an investigation will be conducted that may result in fines.  Please check your speed.  

UPDATE: There has been a noted improvement in the community regarding speeding.  In order to keep it in the minds of drivers entering our community a visual sign will be installed at the entrance of the community.  

Expected completion is around October 31, 2015.

UPDATE:  Three signs were staked on the property.  The speeding issued will be continually monitored.  If you see speeders in the community, please report them to
Painting of garage doors:
The garage doors are looking a bit dull.  After the units are power washed the Board will determine whether painting the garage doors is warranted.

UPDATE: After the power wash the Board inspected the doors and determined that a coat or two of paint is required.  The Board is currently collecting quotes for garage door/trim painting.

UPDATE: The Board has contracted "The Painter Chick" to paint the garage doors and trim.  There were questions from residents about painting the front doors.  During the walkabout the front doors were examined and deemed to not require painting at this time.

Painting will begin May 16, 2015, weather depending.

Those units identified as having garage door damage MUST have their doors repaired/replaced by June 15, 2015.

UPDATE: Due to availability of garage doors and delays in installation dates the remaining garage doors that are required to be replaced has been extended to August 15, 2015.  To ensure consistency of the white on the garage doors, the new doors will be painted by August 31, 2015.

UPDATE: All garage doors have been either repaired or replaced.  The remainder of the painting is scheduled to be completed by August 23, 2015.

UPDATE: All doors have been addressed.  This project is completed.

2015 Deferred Projects

Concrete Steps and Approaches:
The Board has invited the vendor that applied the concrete application to our pitted steps and cracked approaches to the Walkabout to inspect the product.  

The Board is aware that some of the approaches and steps have cracked.  This will be addressed during the Walkabout.

UPDATE:  The Board is currently collecting quotes to have the cracked/damaged approaches fixed.

UPDATE: We are having issues in getting quotes to complete this project.  Any new updates will be posted here.

UPDATE: We have found a reliable vendor to address our crumbling approaches and steps.  We are also exploring the option of a pebble finish on the steps.  

All steps and approaches in need of repair and/or requiring sealant will be addressed by September 15, 2015.

UPDATE: The Board is considering a different application to the steps and approaches.  It is a pebble epoxy coating that is more aesthetically pleasing and has claims of being more durable.  One unit has been chosen to have this application applied.  The Board will monitor its durability over the winter to determine if this is a good fit for our community.

The remainder of this project will be deferred until next year, 2016.


Parging is the decorative application around the bottom of the buildings under the siding.  This application is decorative only and does not serve any other function.  

There are some units that are experiencing parging damage.  The Board has requested quotes for repair.  


2014 UPDATE: The Board has approved a contractor to repair damaged parging.  There should be no inconvenience to Residents as access to Units will not be required.

2014 UPDATE: There will be a contractor on site the second week of September to repair the parging on the Units identified.  

2014 UPDATE: Due to scheduling issues with the contractor, this project has been deferred to the 2015 season.

2015 UPDATE: This will be on the Walkabout inspection report.

2015 UPDATE: The Board has approved this expense.  Work is scheduled to begin shortly.

2015 UPDATE:  Work is to begin by August 15, 2015.

2015 UPDATE: Due to scheduling conflicts this project has been delayed.  A start time has not been identified.

2015 UPDATE:  Between scheduling conflicts and managing costs, the Board had decided to defer this project for another year.  Parging along the foundation is purely aesthetic and serves no other purpose.  It is because of this fact alone that priority for this project lessens due to other pressing matters.

The Board will include this project for next year and will make every attempt to complete it. 

2015 Cancelled Projects


The possibility of installing irrigation in the community was discussed at the 2015 AGM.  After getting an initial quote of $100,000 + for this project the Board has decided to not proceed with this project.

Security Gate:

The Board is investigating the possibility of installing a gate at the entrance of Chaparral Estates for added security and added property values.


2014 UPDATE: Due to competing priorities, the Board has decided to defer this project and discuss at the 2015 AGM for commnunity feedback.

2015 UPDATE: This project was discussed at the 2015 AGM.  The Board took the community feedback into account and has decided to not proceed with this initiative at this time.

Landscaping Improvements:

The front flower beds may require some attention and possible reconfiguration.


2014 UPDATE: Also, the front garden beds will be dug up in October and rejuvenated with new soil for the 2015 spring/summer.  Everyone is looking forward to a "Better Then Ever" front flower beds.

2014 UPDATE: After some investigation it was discovered that the earth in the front flower beds can and will sustain the plants currently there.  The Board has decided to leave all as is and re-evaluate in the next couple of seasons.

2015 UPDATE:  The Board will discuss with the Front Garden Bed Gardner and report back here.

2015 UPDATE: The Front Garden Beds are fine for another year. This project will be removed from the ongoing concern list.  Should the Front Garden Beds require additional attention it will be added at that time.

Rain Barrels:
The Board is investigating the possibility of the installation of rain barrels for the front gardens and possible resident use.

UPDATE:  Four rain barrels will be purchased and distributed throughout the community.

UPDATE: Rain barrels will be onsite by May 30, 2015.

UPDATE:  After a thoughtful discussion, it was decided that the choice of having a rain barrel should be left up to the individual owner.  The board has decided to cancel this Corporation project.

If any owner is interested in installing a rain barrel adjacent to thier unit, please be sure to obtain pre-approval.