Chaparral Estates

"A Great Place to Live"

Chaparral Ridge Terrace SE

Calgary, Alberta

2014 Projects

2014 Ongoing Projects

All projects have either been completed or deferred for the 2014 repair season.

2014 Completed Projects

Roof Venting:

Additionally venting will be installed along the top peaks of roofs that do not have ridge venting.  It will help ensure all roofs are vented properly to increase the lifespan of the roof and to ensure a healthily, happy building.


UPDATE: The roof had extra vents installed and the roof valleys were tarred.  This project was completed on June 13, 2014

UPDATE: The end units each had 2 additional vents installed as the Ridge Venting along the roof line does not extend far enough over the end units to aid in proper venting.  This was completed November 2014.

Fence Cleaning:

We are looking at power washing the front and back of our fence to maintain it's splendour and increase its life.


UPDATE: Bristol Cleaning will be on site June 10th and 11th to clean the fence

UPDATE: The fence was cleaned in its entirety on June 11, 2014

Extension of the Fence:

There have been several complaints of non-residents trespassing through our neighbourhood and causing damage.  Your Board is exploring the option of moving the mailboxes forward and extending the fence.


UPDATE: The fence was completed in May 2014

Eaves Repairs:

Several leaky eaves are in need of replacement.


UPDATE: All eaves were reapired in June 2014

Pest Control:

We have had complaints about mice taking up residence in our community.  We are looking into what measures can be taken to eliminate the population.  We are asking all residents to NOT put out bird feeders and clean up their back areas so there is no place for these pests to nest.


UPDATE: The Board has not received any further complaints about pests in the community.  The Board will continually monitor the situation and encourages Residents to report pests.

UPDATE:  There have been additional logged complaints of mice and many, many ants within the complex.  Cal Rid will be on site next week to bait for the mice and spray for the ants.

UPDATE: Baiting for gophers, mice and voles was completed on Thursday July 17, 2014.  A power spray for ant control is scheduled for Thursday July 24, 2014, weather depending.

UPDATE:  Pest control measures have been completed for this year.  If you continue to have any issues please email


Grading improvements around the Units may need to be improved.


UPDATE: The Board has approved Rocky Mountain Landscaping to address grading issues around some Units. 

UPDATE: The grading issues will be addressed by end of week of August 11, 2014.

UPDATE:  All grading issues have been addressed as of August 2014.

Attic Insulation:

The Board is investigating the insulation in the attic.  There is concern that over the years it has settled and it is letting too much heat escape to the attic area which may cause damage to our new roof.  The Board is also trying to determine whether attic insulation top ups are an Owner or Corporation expense.

As details become available they will be released here.


UPDATE:  The Board agreed that attic insulation top-up is a Corporation responsibility as the settling of attic insulation directly affects the life of the roof and the health of the buildings.


The Board is receiving quotes and will advise once the project is slated to begin.  Target completion is before the end of October 2014.

Please note that access to units will need to be arranged.


UPDATE:  Affordable Home Insulators has been awarded the contract to upgrade all attics to R50 which is the ecoEnergy standard.  Affordable Home Insulators will be contacting all owners directly to allow for access to the attic.

UPDATE:  Affordable Home Insulators is currently asking that residents call them to schedule an appointment to have their attic insulation topped up.  If you have not already, please contact Dave at (403) 291-4281 to book your appointment.

UPDATE:  There are a few units that still need to be completed however this project has been deemed completed.

Roadway Repairs:

Crack filling and minor roadway repairs are being considered.


UPDATE: All Star Paving will be onsite within the next several weeks to complete crack filling on our roads.

UPDATE: All crack filling has been completed as of September 30, 2014

2014 Deferred Projects

Security Gate:

The Board is investigating the possibility of installing a gate at the entrance of Chaparral Estates for added security and added property values.


UPDATE: Due to competing priorities, the Board has decided to defer this project and discuss at the 2015 AGM for commnunity feedback.

Landscaping Improvements:

The front flower beds may require some attention and possible reconfiguration.


UPDATE: Also, the front garden beds will be dug up in October and rejuvenated with new soil for the 2015 spring/summer.  Everyone is looking forward to a "Better Then Ever" front flower beds.

UPDATE: After some investigation it was discovered that the earth in the front flower beds can and will sustain the plants currently there.  The Board has decided to leave all as is and re-evaluate in the next couple of seasons.


Parging is the decorative application around the bottom of the buildings under the siding.  This application is decorative only and does not serve any other function.  

There are some units that are experiencing parging damage.  The Board has requested quotes for repair.  


UPDATE: The Board has approved a contractor to repair damaged parging.  There should be no inconvenience to Residents as access to Units will not be required.

UPDATE: There will be a contractor on site the second week of September to repair the parging on the Units identified.  

UPDATE: Due to scheduling issues with the contractor, this project has been deferred to the 2015 season.