Chaparral Estates

"A Great Place to Live"

Chaparral Ridge Terrace SE

Calgary, Alberta

The 2010 Walkabout was conducted on May 13, 2010.  There were some specific issues that will be raised with individual owners and some general issues.
Some general issues are:
- Pet Stains:
There were several units that had small to significant pet damage on the lawn area.  Our landscapers, Explosive Landscaping, has a website that offers great advice for repairing damaged grass from pets.  Please go here for further information.
- Garbage A (south east) Enclosure:
It was noted that a significant amount of litter is in the entire enclosure due to carelessness when discarding trash.  When discarding your refuse PLEASE be sure it actually makes it into the bin.  Financial resources of our condominium reserves are used to pay people to pick up the wayward garbage.  Our money could be better spent elsewhere.

Pictures of what was observed are below ...

Plans are underway to install lattice around the entire opening along the top edge to stop people from tossing garbage over the wall.  Additionally the side door will be permanently locked.
UPDATE:  The lattice project was completed on May 16, 2010.