Chaparral Estates

"A Great Place to Live"

Chaparral Ridge Terrace SE

Calgary, Alberta

2010 Ongoing Projects

There are currently no ongoing projects.

2010 Projects Completed

New Unit Numbers:

This project was completed early 2010.



Website up and running end of April 2010


Street Cleaning:

Street cleaning completed May 3, 2010



2010 Walkabout was conducted on May 13, 2010


Lattice Work:

The lattice work to Garbage A was completed on May 16, 2010


Tree inspection:

The trees have been inspected by on-site maintenance.  Any trees requiring attention have been addressed.


Visitor Parking Line Painting:

The line painting for visitor parking was completed on June 7, 2010.


Ladybug Release:

250 ladybugs were released on July 4, 2010 and the remaining 250 were released on July 8, 2010.

Concrete Steps and Approaches:

The steps and approaches assessed in need of repair were repaired on July 27, 2010.  The product should finish curing in approx. 3 to 4 weeks which will even out the "spotty" colouring.


Roof Repairs:

The roof repairs were completed end of August 2010.



The fence replacement was completed the second week of September 2010.


Builder Installed Sump Pumps

Servicing was completed September 16 and 17, 2010.


Owner's List

The Chaparral Estates Owner's List has been updated sucessfully.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Projects Deferred

Roadway/Driveway Repairs:  Due to more pressing priorities the roadway/driveway repairs have been deferred for review in Spring/Summer 2011. 


The Board is however investigating a new type of pavement for repairs around the brick facade at the front of the units.  You will be notified if the investigation reveals that this is a viable option.

West Stucco Wall:  After flower bed maintenance was completed the wall was inspected to determine if repairs were warranted or could be deferred another year.  It has been determined that the repairs can wait another year and will be reassessed in Spring/Summer 2011.


Garage Trim:  After careful considerations of the projects that are being planned this year it was decided to defer this project for review in Spring/Summer 2011.


Chaparral Estates Sign:  The Chaparral Estates sign, like our old fence, has deteriorated to the point that it must be replaced.  To remain as close to budget as possible replacement of the sign has been deferred to the next fiscal year.

Projects Cancelled

Improved signage for *No Parking on Roadway*:  After discussions with our Insurance Carrier it has been determined that additional roadway sign are not warranted. 


This project has been removed from the Projects list.