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2020 Siding Project
March - September 2020
(Not Resolved)
There are no impacts to budget being considered
TOTAL Approved Increase To Budget 
$33,784.55 or 5.6%
RESOLVED Corner Posts
The corner posts holding up the porches are crooked/cracked and not squared and need to be replaced
Cost - Mike will provide the new post and install for $50.00 + GST = $52.50 X 22 = $1,155.00

March 18, 2020 Board voted YES to increase in budget via email
RESOLVED Gable Decorations:
Currently the Design Committee, Cyndy and Cathi, are in discussions with Mike to determine the best gable decoration to go in the buildings with the high peaks.  It is suggested a rectangular design, made from aluminum, that look like louvers but are sealed.  Louvers are not needed to vent the attics as we have ridge venting and extra venting on end units and high peaks.
Cost: Mike’ has quoted $90.00 + GST/louver for product and install.  There are 7 buildings that would need it which would be $90.00 X 7 = $630.00 X GST = $661.50

It was suggested that adding 2 more louvers to the backs of building 1 (89-99) and building 11 (5-15) in order to bling up the entrance to the community.  
Cost: $90.00 + GST/louver X 2 = $189.00

March 24, 2020 Board voted YES in increase to budget via email for first 7
March 29, 2020 Board voted YES to increase to budget via email for last 2
RESOLVED Black Flashing:
When the roofs were installed they replaced pine roofs. The thickness of the pine roof was much thicker than the roof that replaced it.  When this was evident the Board realized that the silver builder installed flashing was glaring and distracting so the roofer installed black flashing just under the siding to just above the roof.  The black flashing installed is not consistent and was not installed professionally.

Now that we are replacing the siding the black flashing will need to be extended to ensure that at least 1 inch is consistently around all roof areas.  This will prevent the silver flashing from showing through and provide clean lines around the new roof line.   
Estimate Cost: In order to fix the black flashing issue, please see website, Mike is providing these numbers:
  • 6 plex buildings (280’) X 5  buildings = 1,400’
  • 5 plex buildings (255’) X 2 buildings = 510’
  • 4 plex buildings (210’) X 4 buildings = 840’


Total linear feet = 2,750’ X $2.80/foot for product and installation = $7,700.00 + GST ($385.00) = $8,085.00

March 22, 2020 Board voted YES to increase in budget via email

RESOLVED Unit 97/99:
The concrete step at the rear of the units is damaged. Grant may have to apply StoneEffects to correct.
Estimated Cost - $30.00

Grant says it's a concrete patch.  I've asked him to go ahead and fix.
RESOLVED Numbers for Buildings:
  • Number 1 - 11
  • Number 2 - 7
  • Number 3 - 13
  • Number 4 - 11
  • Number 5 - 8 
  • Number 6 - 12
  • Number 7 - 11
  • Number 8 - 10
  • Number 9 - 12
  • Number 0 - 3
Total = 98
98 Numbers X $9.24 each = $905.52 + GST = $950.80

I got them cheaper - $7.89/number but I counted wrong.  Please see below:
  • Number 1 - 11
  • Number 2 - 8
  • Number 3 - 15
  • Number 4 - 11
  • Number 5 - 10
  • Number 6 - 12
  • Number 7 - 11
  • Number 8 - 11
  • Number 9 - 13
  • Number 0 - 3
TOTAL = 105
105 Numbers X $7.89 = $828.45 + GST = $869.87

March 27, 2020 Board voted YES to increase in budget via email.

RESOLVED Utilities:

There are gas lines coming into all the buildings on one side.  There is pressure treated wood at the top of the gas meters and most, if not all, of the actual gas lines are just drilled into the siding into the end unit because the lines were added after the siding went up.  Mike says that if the siders have to side around the gas lines it will look bad and not uniform.  He has 2 suggestions:

1. Get more pressure treated wood to go around the lines coming into the building then when the siders come they can "J" around the wood and make clean lines around the lines. Cost approx. - $500.00.

2. Get the plastic, no maintenance board (that our numbers are going on and the kick plate under the front door), and create the same effect with the siding.  The difference here is it would be white no maintenance board as opposed to the wood and would replace all the wood currently installed.  Cost approx. - $2,000.00

An email has been sent out asking for your vote. Please let me know if you vote for #1 or #2.

Board voted via email for option #2.  Total cost $2,362.50.

April 1, 2020 Board voted YES to increase in budget via email

RESOLVED Doorbells:
The doorbells need to be removed in order for the siding to be installed.  Many of the doorbells have yellowed over time and have become very brittle.  To replace all doorbells (minus a few that have already been replaced) would cost:

56 units X 2 doorbells = 112 doorbells
MINUS 5 doorbells already replaced = 107 doorbells
107 doorbells X $4.45/lighted doorbell = $476.15 + GST = $499.96

April 1, 2020 Board voted YES to increase in budget via email
RESOLVED Water Plates:

Consistency was NOT the word of the day for the builder when building this place. The water spout on the backs of the building are not consistent with installation.  Some have recessed water plate, some do not; see below for what it looks like.


Mike can install a recessed water pate for $8.56/plate X 46 units MINUS 3 units on building 1 (because it’s completed) = $410.88 + GST = $431.42

April 1, 2020 Board voted YES to increase in budget via email

Parging has been on the "TO DO" List for quite some time - like 10 years!  The units identified as having parging issues are:
  • 2
  • west side of 2 (accounts for 2 units in pricing)
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 34
  • 36
  • 38
  • 57
  • 59
  • 61
  • 63
  • 64
  • 65
  • 66
  • 67
  • 68
  • 70
  • 95
TOTAL = 18 units + West side of 2
Mike's guy provided a quote for $300.00/unit + GST which is ($300 X 20 units =$6,000.00 + GST =) $6,300.00.

To remind you what it looks like take a look below.
There are 38 units that have a pipe by the front doors where the downspout goes into the weeping tile that goes no where will need to be capped so animals do not call the weeping tile home.  Grant says he can do it for $20.00/unit.  The math works out to be:
38 units X $20.00/unit = $760.00 + GST = $798.00

UPDATE: The price for this project was increased from $20.00/unit to $38.00/unit which equals = $1,516.20 (GST included)

April 16, 2020 Board voted YES to increase in budget via email
Board notified of increase on June 26, 2020

Our fences were originally 9 feet 11 inches which Mike was extending to 10 feet.  When the posts were being pounded to a 4 foot depth they were running into concrete. Mike suspects the builder poured a 12 inch concrete pad which means, in order for the fence to be properly supported, Mike needs to extend the fences to 10 feet 6 inches.  In light of this development, the cost for fences will need to increase. 


Here comes some impressive math!

The Corporation is paying for 48 fences (46 fences for the complex and the 2 end ones that we agreed to replace (units 51 and 64)), for every 2 units we are paying for 1 foot (an increase from 10 feet to 10 feet 6 inches) divide 48 fences by 2 = 24 extra feet X $60.00/foot = $1,440.00 + GST = $1,512,00.

This was included in the May 7, 2020 email.
Mike needed to hire a private locates company to find all the community utilities because the Enmax locates guy didn't have paperwork on all the power lines, etc.  The charge was $180.00/hour and it only took 1 hour.  Charge was $180.00 + GST = $189.00.

Mike also had to call the locates company out to see if there were utilities where the bat house was installed.  This also resulted in another $189.00 (GST included) expense.

This was included in the May 27, 2020 email
Secondary approved in the July 14, 2020 email
RESOLVED Garbage Enclosures:
Mike will extend the length of the front doors and clad them with board and baton siding.  The sides and top will also be clad in aluminmin to protect the wood and make it no-maintenance.  Total price = $6,212.71 + GST = $6,523.35.

Board approved on May 28, 2020 during meeting
RESOLVED Vent Covers:
Mike quoted a price to cover all front vents with the brownstone colour cladding to blend into the siding and so they don't stick out.
Pricing - $2,675.00 + GST = $2,808.75

Board approved during May 28, 2020 during meeting
The bat house needed to be relocated.  It was decided that it would go on the north west side by the garbage enclosure.  Price to install was $800.00 + GST = $840.00.

Board approved on July 14, 2020 email
(No Impact To Budget)
Unit 2:
The metal cover over the beam at the front door was not applied properly.  The metal edge is on top of the J joint not underneath.  This is likely the issue for all units.
This is not an issue as it's being replaced.
Unit 4/6:
The privacy wall (front) is not connected to the steps
Estimated Cost - None, Mike was able to address at no cost to the Corporation.
Status; Fixed
Unit 84: 
Lorna got her new window today (the front bedroom).  When Mike removed the old window there was considerable water damage along the bottom right hand side of the window.  (I would have added a picture of that but I forgot to take a picture.)

Mike let the exposed wood dry a bit before installing the new window, which worked, because the wood does not need to be replaced.

The cause of the leak was the roof eyebrow over her window.  With no paper or installation behind it the water just seeped in and ran down the building.  The black tar paper was not letting the moisture escape so it just sat there on the wood.

With the eyebrow now gone, the building wrapped in Tyvek and the NovaFlashing, this should not occur again.
Unit 84 - Part 2:
The privacy wall in the front of the unit has been damaged from water dripping down the ugly front column for 20 years.  Additionally, the builder left a space just before the pillar for whatever reason.  

Mike has some 2X4s that he will use to close up the space properly, paper then side.

There are no additional costs.
Unit 84/86:
The privacy wall in the back was removed and it was discovered that it was completely rotted, see pictures below.  This is all because the builder did not paper the privacy walls which is resulting in their failure.  It would have been no time at all that these walls would have been coming down.

Mike is investigating all the connections where the privacy walls were installed to ensure there is not damage to the structure.  So far, so good.
Unit 93/95:
On the back of units 93/95 where the upper eyebrow was, there are 2 holes on either side that mice have made their home.  Mike discovered these when he removed the eyebrow.

They have been evicted, despite Kenny's announcement of no evictions during COVID-19, and have been ordered not to return.  Mike will be closing up the holes before the paper and siding.
Unit 99/97:
When the privacy wall (back) was removed a large hole was discovered.  This will have to be filled
Estimated Cost - None, Mike was able to address at no cost to the Corporation.
Status: Fixed
Unit 97/99:
The paper used behind the front porch post does not overlap the required 6-9 inches (code)
Unit 97/99:
The paper behind the privacy wall (back) does not overlap the required 6-9 inches (code).  There is some water damage to the plywood but this will dry and not require to be replaced.
Pot Lights:
So good news.  We are not required to put the unit numbers in a specific location as the existing wiring from the exterior lights was long enough to be used for pot lights.  The junction box needed for the light above the front door will be in the soffit (see pictures below) so it will not require a cover for the junction box on the wall.
Roof Eyebrows:
The picture below confirms that there is no paper or barrier behind the eyebrows on the second floor roof line.  Once the siding project is completed owners should see less cold spots and heat loss inside their units.
Vent Bump Outs:
It has been confirmed that the vent bump outs served absolutely no purpose.  They aren't vented nor are papered.  
NovaFlash Installation:
All the windows and doors will be getting NovaFlash to help protect against air and water leaks.  Click HERE to read more about it.
House Wrap:
When the buildings were being built the Builder used Kolamax, an ashpalt saturated sheathing (known as "tar paper") which caused moisture to form between the tar paper and the wood structure.  Mike is using DuPoint's Tyvek which is a spunbonded material made from high-density polyethylene fibers which offers an envelope of protection for building structures.  It allows moisture to escape the envelope but not to enter.  This will result in a better environment for owners and for the buildings.

Some dark spots were noted during re-siding however the damage is not severe enough to warrant replacement.
Proper Flashing: 
It's amazing to see how many corners were cut by the builder.  The pictures below show what real flashing around doors and windows is supposed to look like.  A proper lip that will take water away from openings instead of the bare minimum we got.
Vented Soffit:
You'll notice that between the units and peaks the soffit is not vented; this is because of City of Calgary code.  4 feet on both sides of the party wall must not be vented in case of a fire.  The idea is if a fire starts in the attic the non-vented soffit will cut the supply of oxygen enough so the fire trucks will arrive in time to put it out.

Interesting stuff!
Board and Baton:
The Board and Baton made it's first appearance today.  

Looking great!
Work Hours:
It was agreed that the siders could work longer hours in order to finish the project sooner.

April 6, 2020 Board voted YES  via email
NEW More Water Damage:
Mike removed the siding behind building 4 and in between units 76 and 74 there is a considerable amount of water damage.  Mike is replacing windows so he's letting it dry out before the house wrap is applied.  He believes we won't have to replace.